Siebren Versteeg,
September 9–30, 2020

bitforms gallery is pleased to announce our second solo exhibition with New York-based artist Siebren Versteeg. In%20Memory is an email; a checklist of speculative objects, a series of links, and a PDF; together creating a daisy-chain as exhibition. Versteeg presents this new body of works virtually as a multifaceted study of the flatness of screen-space, communicating reflection in a moment of polarization and uncertainty. In In%20Memory, playful references to painting, readymades, and installation inquire toward the experience of isolation within our technological present. In effort to participate yet emancipate from the expectation of an artist to create “things,” In%20Memory advances viewing room culture with deep zoom technology while challenging visitors to engage in a meaningful temporal experience. The exhibition is accompanied by an essay by Katie Geha.

Touch: In Memoiram by Katie Geha

In%20Memory email